Tuesday , November 24 2020

"Far beyond what we could have hoped for": Offers to adopt 800 lb piglets pour in

In something like B.C.'s own version of the 1995 film babe, it seems Theodore pig will have an eternal home this Christmas after all.

The Langley animal protection community has been caring for the two-year-old pig for the past six months, ever since the porks were taken to "big" through the village of Langley.

It took the call for a family willing to adopt Theodore two weeks ago.

Since then, director Jayne Nelson says families from as far away as Prince Edward Island and across the Maryland border were willing to open their hearts and homes to make Theodore part of their family.

Tina Jensen-Fogt, one of the community's animal control officers, found Theodore run wide on the Fraser Highway. (Langley Animal Protection Society)

"You know, I was hoping we would be interested in one or two people, and we ended up with more than 40 families coming up and giving him a home," Nelson said.

"[It was] far beyond what we could have hoped for. "

And at 800 pounds with an estimated life of 10 to 15 years, the adoption of Yorkshire racing is no noisy commitment.

Theodore is a Yorkshire race pig. The breed can live up to 15 years. (Langley Animal Protection Society)

Theodore needs plenty of space and a good sized enclosure. In the summer he needs shade and a place to take mud baths, and in the colder winter months, warm doctor.

Nelson says the ideal adopter is one who is experienced in dealing with large animals and who can handle Theodore's significant food needs. Her group is also looking for a place where Theodore can have some social interaction and companionship.

"It would be great for him if he has a little girlfriend."

Theodore was supposed to be in his new home for the new year. (Langley Animal Protection Society)

Nelson says her group has narrowed it to three local options. Her team conducts veterinary reference and home visits to choose the best place for Theodore, hoping he will be close to his new home for New Year.

"We are very grateful for all the support we have had for Theodore Pig," Nelson said. "It's great to have some kind of happy ending for us."

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