Monday , January 25 2021

Fly from London Heathrow to Hong Kong aboard Cathay Pacific

Natasha Judson flies aboard the Cathay Pacific CX256 from London Heathrow to Hong Kong.

The plane:

Boeing 777-300ER.

grade: Economy – booked in November, seven months earlier, when the return price of $ 1850 from Auckland to London was irresistible.

Flight time: 11 hours, 17m.

Seat situation: Before we boarded, we jumped online to reserve seats, only to see that there were two next to each other. We took the last two in the rear row reserved for "Unattended Underage" and hoped that no children would come between us. We boarded without a problem and it was surprisingly comfortable behind the plane. But how full? Full. The third seat of our time was occupied by a businesswoman whose secretary had left the order late, lacking first class, business class and premium economy. She got stuck with us as well as Bath Royal High School's 2018 history school trip to Cambodia.

The food: There was a good selection on offer. Dinner was a choice of two mains and side salad, bread and dessert, while for breakfast you had a choice of congee or sausages and eggs. There was also a snack cart at the back. The businesswoman had her secretary pre-ordered two low-carb meals.

Entertainment: There was an extensive library of Hollywood and Asian movies, TV and music. When I didn't come to the cinema, I often made movies for the 11-hour flight.

The service: Cathay Pacific staff will warmly welcome you when you book, and this kindness is carried out throughout the flight. Although the flight was so full, they were busy most of the time and my cup-of-noodle order was forgotten.

Luggage: Two check-in bags totaling 30 kg that were not fully used come home from a European summer.

Airport Experience: Hong Kong Airport is huge, busy with people and there is a lot to do. We had a six hour layover until our next flight so we checked into the Plaza Premium Lounge (post: $ 90). You do not need a membership or a booking, so after departure we head straight to the lounge, enjoy a refreshing shower, quick massage and great meal within the first few hours. Saw a few drinks before boarding.

Bottom line: I'd fly with Cathay Pacific again. Despite how full the flight was and how busy Hong Kong airport was, the opportunity to check into a lounge was so amazing – and such a lovely and relaxing way to break into a worldwide flight.

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