Friday , January 22 2021

Have Madonna Get Impact Implants?, Entertainment News & Top Stories

NEW YORK – Fans hope to get to the bottom of things, but Madonna doesn't tell yet. Superstar songs got netizens wondering if she had had buttock implants after she had surprised performance at a club in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, on New Year's Eve.

The audience was treated as Like A Prayer (1989) and the Elvis Presley standard cannot help Falling In Love (1961), with Madonna supported by his 13-year-old son David Banda on guitar.

Photographs of her improvised recordings showed a more pronounced backside, suggesting that the 60-year-old could have had surgery, reported Fox News.

While some net citizens defended her right to do something, someone wrote: "I think the fate that ends in 2018 is to find out that Madonna got impact implants."

Hate she was now the ham of the jokes about her appearance, with some enlightened Nicki Minaj comparisons, wrote Madonna on Thursday and wrote: "Desperately seeking no approval. And right to free agency over my body like everyone else.

"It will be a great year. # 2019 # Freedom # Respect #nofear #nodiscrimination."

At the club, she had dared participants to be brave: "In this new year, let's commit disarmament to unexpected friendships. Get out of your comfort zone.

"Maybe we'll find an opening to let the light come in. Let's close the distance between a human and another.

"Are you ready to do that?"

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