Wednesday , January 27 2021

Japan's asteroid robber continues to send amazing pictures of his alien surface – BGR

It has been a few months since the Japanese space agency (JAXA) posted robots on the surface of the asteroid known as Ryugu. Hayabusa-2 "mothership" sent the bots down to investigate the surface of the rocks and send back readings to Earth, and we saw the photos shortly after arrival.

Now, as JAXA is preparing for the most daring maneuvering of the entire mission – a touchdown that allows Hayabusa-2 to snatch a sample of rock's surface before it returns to Earth – the space agency shows several of the amazing pictures that is snapped up by its robbers.

The images were captured by the little "jumping" rovers that JAXA was considered suitable for the exploration of the asteroid. The force of gravity on the rock surface would have been too low to allow drivers, so JAXA decided on small robbers who actually jumped from one place to another snapping pictures along the way. The result is a whole lot of photos of a very, very rocky landscape.

JAXA was actually shocked by where the rocky asteroid's surface turned out to be and the mission team has been forced to delay touchdown maneuvers already because they need additional time to decide where to land.

Choosing a safe landing point is crucial for the ultimate goal of letting the Hayabusa-2 probe lift itself from the surface and eventually come back to earth. Any damage to the spacecraft during landing will put it at a serious risk.

Image Source: JAXA

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