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Kelowna rental prices jump – Kelowna News


Two vehicles collided at the junction of Harvey Avenue and Gordon Drive on Thursday night.

Police, paramedics and firefighters participated in the crash, which occurred before 9 o'clock

Those involved did not seem to be seriously injured, but both fordonna were towed from the scene.

The crash came shortly after a truck crashed into several parked vehicles a few blocks away, near the intersection of Burtch and Springfield roads.


Society of Hope's 22-year vision to get affordable retirement homes to Kelowna has been realized.

Too much fanfare, the band was cut in the third phase of Apple Valley, an elderly complex at Benvoulin Court, Thursday morning.

The 47-unit building gives 199 number of senior senior units in development.

Social Affairs Director Luke Stack says the vision began with donation of land in the area of ​​Markmark Center in the late 1990s. The community sold that land, and used the win to buy what was at the time of the Pettit family farm, where Apple Valley is now sitting.

"It took many years to find this site, remove it from ALR, rezone it, build the roads. It will take a few years in the project, says Stack." But it turned out to be a good decision because it's so well located now . That's perfect."

Stack says that society is still trying to decide what to do with another two hectares in the back of the complex.

It also builds 21 family houses in Glenmore. Overall, Stack's vision is to build another 150 units of housing in Kelowna over the next five years.

Geraldine Barsetti is one of the residents who moved to Apple Valley 3 in October. She said she feels at home and very sure, and has not had trouble meeting people and making friends.

Total costs for the entire development came in at $ 38 million, with $ 15 million coming from all three levels of government.

So much for cheaper housing.

The average rental price in Kelowna increased in October and increased almost six percent to a 1-room apartment. The average price of a two-room unit, meanwhile, jumped 3.2 percent.

The figures were released Thursday by PadMapper, which analyzes rental data from hundreds of thousands of lists of Canada.

The average price for one bedroom in Kelowna in October was $ 1,280, making it the seventh most expensive market in the country. It was the country's eighth most expensive price in September.

The average October cost of a two-room apartment in Kelowna was $ 1600, which is also the seventh most expensive country in the country.

Kelowna's average for a bedroom is 13.3 percent more than it was in October 2017.

While rainy periods are expected in Kelowna overnight, snow is expected to fall at higher heights.

Environment Canada says that up to five centimeters snow is expected to hit parts of the Okanagan Connector overnight, which begins at the beginning of the evening.

While the freezing level will be about 1400 meters at the beginning of the night, it is expected to fall to the valley bottom after midnight. The pencil meeting is at 1,077 meters altitude.

The Coquihalla, with a summit of more than 1200 meters high, will see rain through the night, with some wet snow near the summit.

Big White, which currently has an early seasonal base of 66 centimeters, will get some snow overnight as well.

Rain in Kelowna is expected to relieve after midnight, followed by sunny skies Friday and during the weekend.

Castanet's evening update for Thursday, November 15th with reporter Wayne Moore.

Madison Erhardt

The Salvation Army 2018 Christmas chain campaign was launched in Kelowna, Thursday.

Community members gathered in the Salvation Army Community Life Center in Rutland for the celebration.

"We have set a goal to raise $ 800,000 in the next five weeks. We set the goal of knowing that there will be challenges, of course." All dollars are called for various wonderful causes in our society, "said Darryl Burry, CEO leading pastor.

All funds raised through the kettle campaign are in Okanagan.

"We have over 20 seats across central Okanagan where the bells will ring," Burry said.

Visit to lend a hand.

Surveillance film clearly shows a fire that destroyed several vehicles and damaged a apartment building early Wednesday morning intentionally started.

The fire started at 4:20 am in the carport of Roth Towers Apartments, on Pandosy Street near Sutherland Avenue and spread to the building. The apartment was evacuated quickly, as the fire department fought with the fast-blown fan.

Nine vehicles were completely destroyed in the fire and 11 others injured, while one of the apartment's balconies was on fire and several windows cracked due to heat.

Security pictures from the inside of the car port, released Thursday by the police, show a person on a bicycle that starts the fire before he quickly gains.

"A complete review of the pictures has allowed the police to regard the flame as a fire brigade," Cpl. Jesse O & # 39; Donaghey of Kelowna RCMP said in a release.

The person on the bike seems to wear a jacket with a light panel on the back.

The police believe that the arsonist used some type of accelerant to start the fire because of the aggressive propagation of the bottle as soon as it is lit.

"The RCMP asks all gas stations in the surrounding areas of this fire place to review their transactions for hours leading to the massive fan," said Cpl. Jesse O & # 39; Donaghey. "We are particularly interested in some smaller sales outlets, especially those for an individual or individuals who participated in the store on foot or by bike."

The police have asked someone with information about the fire to contact Const. Nathan Nickel from Kelowna RCMP General Investigation Section at 250-470-6261 or 1-800-222-8477 to remain anonymous.

The police warn the public not to leave valuables in their cars after a rash of smash and capture thefts from vehicles in Kelowna.

A resident tells the Castanet that he has seen at least a dozen crushed windows, including his own, in the last three weeks. He added things are especially bad at St. Paul and Ellis streets.

"Since then Kelowna has acquired a serious issue with the thieves crushing car windows and stealing vehicle content," he said.

CPL. Jesse O'Donaghey said the police in the entire Central Okanagan supervise known crime offenders for leading crime and coordinate their efforts in hopes of identifying a suspected or suspected thought to be linked to the recent theft of vehicles.

"The police have pointed out that vehicle owners always remove valuable property from inside the vehicle, or at least take steps to ensure it is completely invisible," says Donaghey.

The residents consider that more should be done about the matter.

"I also think it should be a call to action for our mayor," he said. "Homelessness and crime were a hot topic in our last election and it does not seem to be a problem for our current mayor."

Several stores on Bernard Avenue had their windows broken on October 30th. Two photographs were taken by a resident where the vehicle's windows were broken and he said they were only 100 meters from Ellis Street and Clement Avenue.

The police ask the public to report all suspected activities, persons and vehicles in their area to the RCMP.

Alanna Kelly

UPDATE: 1:15 pm

A Canada Revenue Agency representative has listed a confidential package that was incorrectly placed in someone's information.

Susan Munroe received the package addressed to her on Thursday to her home in Kelowna. When she opened it, CRA information was for a man living in Surrey inside. This included his address, employer, social security number and his bank details.

Munroe tried to reach CRA several times but could not get through. When Castanet reached CRA, they said they should immediately pick up the package

"We have contacted the person you made the story about and we will make arrangements for someone to pick up the package," said a CRA spokesman.

On Thursday afternoon, Munroe confirmed that someone came to pick up the package.


A Kelowna woman sounds the alarm after sending a stranger's confidential information by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Susan Monroe received the package in her home on Thursday to her. Inside was a man's social security number, address, employer, bank information and salary.

The man's address was for a residence in Surrey.

"I have everything I need to steal his identity," she said.

Monroe did not feel comfortable looking at the information and called the CRA number listed on the documents.

She called three times to warn them for their mistakes, but nobody answered.

"I feel very sorry for him," she said. "And what should I do with it?" How do I get this to him? Do I call him and let him know myself? "

"CRA takes its responsibility to protect the taxpayer's information very seriously. Any event of incorrect mail has been thoroughly investigated," said CRA spokesman Etienne Biram to Castanet, who does not explain how the mistake occurred. "CRA continuously reviews quality assurance practices regarding our addressing processes to prevent such events. "

Munroe says she plans to keep confidential information safe, but is now concerned about her own private information.

"How is it protected and protected, because I do not think it is," she said.

Biram says that CRA sends about 110 million letters a year, and incorrect mail incidents occur in 0.003 percent of all mail.

"In many cases, wrong mail is not a person's integrity in danger," he said. "This would include cases where a letter does not contain personal data but was sent to the wrong person or where the information was available to the public."

According to Biram, CRA retrieves almost all misplaced mail.

Munroe said she thought reaching out to the person to inform him, but did not feel comfortable with it.

"I feel now responsible for protecting his information to make sure it does not fall into unscrupulous hands," she said.

A selfish Kelowna driver illegally parked – in two disabled car parks – on Wednesday.

One witness says that the driver parked across the line between two disabled places, both of which were occupied at that time.

"So close to the driver's side of the left car as the guy in the wheelchair could not get into the car," said the witness. "What a stellar person."

The event evolved around 6 p.m. in a parking lot at the Landmark Center.

According to the witness, the driver shouted to the person in the wheelchair and allowed them to wait 20 minutes to enter his vehicle.

"Sad the Landmark buildings do not have a security office to report this to," said the witness. "The only number to call, as we tried, was only available until 5:00 PM"

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