Sunday , November 29 2020

Leaking Toilet makes life difficult for Space Station Crew

One can imagine that staying at the International Space Station is not a walk in the park. You share small spaces with other astronauts, supplies are limited, and there is no gravity. The last thing you want is a nice toilet, but it is something that the crew needs now.

The dressers they use on the ISS are not exactly the ones we use here on Earth. They actually cost $ 19 million and were delivered with the shuttle Endeavor back in 2008 after the previous malfunction.

Don't think they just let the waste fall into the room. It is actually sealed and sent back to Earth on a cargo ship burning up on re-entry. However, the urine is recycled for drinking water.

A NASA status report mentioned that a delicious chest of drawers spilled nearly two liters of water into the toilet. A nice chest of drawers would be bad enough in your toilet here on Earth, but at least you could take a hose to it and see everything that was washed down in drains.

The crew on board the International Space Station does not have this luxury. According to the status report, they had to clean the wastewater by using towels while trying to remedy the leak. Do you give an innovative appreciation to astronauts, right?

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