Friday , December 4 2020

Let them throw crumbs: Ivanka art exhibition draws the claim of sexism

A new art exhibition at a Washington museum shows an Ivanka Trump lookalike, pushing a vacuum cleaner and inviting spectators to throw crumbs so she can clean up.

The artwork by Jennifer Rubell titled "Ivanka Vacuuming" opened on February 2 and continues until February 18 at Flashpoint Gallery.

The public is encouraged to "throw crumbs on the rug and see when Ivanka elegantly vacuum the tube, her smile never escapes".

A great textual description of the work hanging on the gallery wall describes Ivanka Trump as "a figure whose public persona incorporates an almost comical variety of feminine identities – daughter, wife, mother, sister, model, working woman, blonde".

It calls the act of throwing bread crumbs on the carpet for her to vacuum "surprisingly comfortable".

But Ivanka Trump and her brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump criticized the exhibition today as a sexist attempt to humiliate her.

"Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other. I choose the latter," says Ivanka Trump, a senior White House advisor, along with a link to a story at the show.

Trump jnr tweeted: "Sad but not surprising to see self-confident" feminists "launching sexist attacks against @IvankaTrump. In their world, sexism is OK if they hurt their political enemies."

Eric Trump, on Fox News, called his sister a "strong woman who has done more for women than probably anyone in Washington DC."

The exhibition is presented by CulturalDC Art Organization, and CEO Kristi Maiselman said her group is always happy to present "timely border-pushing installations" like this one.

The gallery text declares Ivanka Trump to be a "modern feminine icon" and an avatar for the complexity of modern femininity.

Rubell, a New York-based conceptual artist, said in an interview on the CulturalDC website that experience is intended to draw observers and crumb throwers into a complex relationship.

"Here's what is complicated: We enjoy throwing the crumbs to Ivanka to vacuum. It is the evil truth in the center of work. It's fun, it's comfortable, it makes us feel powerful and we want to do It says more.

"We also know that she will keep vacuuming, whether we do it or not, so that's not our fault, right?"


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