Tuesday , January 26 2021

Louis C.K. mocks Parkland students under set at N.Y. comedy club

Sound has been created by Louis C.K. mocking the student-turned activists from Parkland, Fla., school shooting.

The sound recording was sent on Sunday in a later-removed YouTube video, which said it was from a Dec. 16 stand-up at a Levittown, N.Y., comedy club. Several media have captured and sent clips and transcripts of the set.

"You're not interesting because you went to a high school where the kids were shot," C.K. can be heard to say about the recording. "Why does it mean that I have to listen to you? Why does it make you interesting? You weren't shot, you shot a fat kid in the road, and now I have to listen to you?"

Parkland parent Fred Guttenberg replied to C.K. material on Twitter.

"My daughter was killed in Parkland shooting," Guttenberg said. "My son ran from the balls. My wife and I treat losses every day. Why don't you come to my house and try your new pathetic jokes?"

The most prominent of the student activists from Parkland have not offered comment. A message that searched back on C.K.'s website was not immediately returned.

C. K. has recently returned to the scene after taking a break as he admitted to engaging in sexual abuse.

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