Thursday , June 17 2021

Male imprisonment, holding woman against will

A Ottawa man is facing several charges for allegedly holding an American woman against her will in the Ottawa quarter of Kanata and squeezing her for sexually explicit images and videos.

Surveyors in Ottawa received information from US Homeland Security that a woman was extorted in the western end of the city, the Ottawa police wrote in a release.

Officers went to a home in Kanata Tuesday and found a 20-year-old woman held against her will. The police would not reveal how long the woman was kept.

The woman was assessed and flown back to her family on Wednesday.

Ryan McCann, 28, was arrested and accused of imprisonment and two counts of extortion and non-consensual distribution of intimate images.

The charges relate to two different victims, and the police say they believe there may be other victims in Ottawa.

The man has been detained and could face other charges, police said.

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