Friday , October 22 2021

Mickey Mouse becomes 90: Pictures of the beloved character over the years


This Sunday marks 90 years since the beloved cartoon character Mickey Mouse appeared on screens.

Walt Disney was created 90 years on November 18th, the day Mickey appeared in his debut-based Steamboat Willie.

The Disney icon has taken on different looks over the years, after it first appeared as a black and white sketch in 1928.

In front of the mouse's birthday, seven rare vintage posters of Mickey are expected to collect thousands that coincide with the anniversary.

The seven posters, dating from the 1930s and 1940s, were on Friday at a jubilee exhibition in London organized by Disney.

(© Disney Enterprises, Inc /Bags)

A price list in a statement from the auction owner and Walt Disney Co. Britain and Ireland suggest that they could get more than 130,000 GBP.

"We expect a lot of interest … There are collectors who collect animation posters from all over the world and Mickey Mouse is historically the most valuable of all animated characters," says Bruce Marchant, Sotheby's movie poster consultant.

"They are particularly rare posters from England, France, Belgium and two of them are the only known surviving examples, and for three of the others it's certainly less than five famous."

(© Disney Enterprises, Inc /Bags)

The first pictures of Mickey Mouse began as black and white drawings, but in 1930 the character came to life when he got his brand red shorts and shoes.

And a moving picture of Mickey came three years later, February 23, 1935, where the mouse starred in cartoon, The Band Concert.

(© Disney Enterprises, Inc /Bags)

The character has appeared in many movies, animated shorts and drawings throughout his creation, with one of his most famous films such as Fantasia, released in 1940.

By the fifties Mickey grew to be so famous, he had his own portrait painted in amazing color by John Hench. Hench created the 1953 image to celebrate the 25's iconth birthday.

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