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Nancy Grace Roman – The BBC points out the entire lack of gender discrimination in science or technology

Every conversation in the technology industry today is about the terrible patriarchy associated with the system, the way women just don't get a chance, and the proof is that not many women do this kind of work. Explanations range from the insistence that it is all the patriarchy, because it is a simple result of capitalism for James Damore's point that perhaps women just do not like making sums much. Considering the scientific support for the last from Simon Baron Cohen, we tend to see the Damore view, most incompletely.

Our own more detailed answer would depend on the fact that they border autistic types – see Baron Cohen's work – which is in the technology industry, by the way. Definition is the socially inadequate. It can be a little too hard, maybe not quite like other people in social interactions. So, pour all the nerds in the universe into a mountain out west, and you'll end up in a socially awkward place, which is our explanation of Silicon Valley, and we hold onto it.

But to dr. Nancy Grace Roman. If there was direct discrimination against women, this stalwart of the Nasa system would have suffered it. As it does, the BBC says she didn't:

Tributes are paid to dr. Nancy Grace Roman, the first woman to hold a executive position with the American space carrier Nasa. Dr. Roman was known as "Hubble's Mother" for her work at the early stages of the Hubble Space Telescope. Nasa said her main heritage was progress for women in the science and generations of young researchers she inspired. She died in Maryland on Wednesday at the age of 93 years.

OK, excellent, but it must have been hard and fighting the patriarchy?

In a video released by NASA in February, Dr. Novel that she never had problems with her male Nasa colleagues. "I was very much accepted as a scientist in my job," she said. "The men were very cooperative, and I felt that the men treated me as one of the teams without any problems."

It is actually how it used to be. When there is a hard measuring system – like being able to make buzz – then the ranking system tends to be based on the measurement system, not gender.

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