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Nylander is still looking for answers

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TSN Toronto Reporter Kristen Shilton daily checks on news and notes on Maple Leafs. The team held a 11:00 exercise at the MasterCard Center

William Nylander is still looking for his first goal for the season, a marker that will undoubtedly remove a significant burden from his shoulders in the face of a downturn that has reached 11 games. But before that, Nylander removed something else from his shoulder area – several inches of hair.

The 22-year-old returned to Toronto in early December with far longer locks than he left last spring, but a visiting family member urged him to try a new look for New Year.

"My aunt is in town, and she cuts my hair so I was like," Yes, we have to do it, "Nylander said after the magazine's practice Monday.

Nylander talked that "hopefully" the aesthetic change ends up having a positive effect on his game, which the winger freely admits is not where it should be.

Nylander has been able to retrieve only two assistants back on December 11 of the month since joining his contract with the leaves and returning to action.

Nylander dipped into an old trick bag on Monday's practice using a weighed stick in some individual stake actions and sliding holes to make his ordinary rod feel lighter and more fluid when compared.

"I want to get better. I don't think I'm happy with that [my game] at all, "he said." I'm working to get better every game and I want me to come [along] well. I feel that [my conditioning is] on the way. Felt better the last game. There are a few games where I get the weather and things again. "

Main consultant Mike Babcock has avoided heating the heat at Nylander by publicly specifying the adjustment period he was in, was fully expected. It does not mean that there is unlimited patience available.

"I don't know about relaxation [him] In "Babcock said how he handles the wing." But you [the media] spoke to him today? What do you think it does for a guy? What I think is when you come back and you are expecting yourself and then it does not go well, it tends to put pressure on you. So how do you handle it? Don't come in your own way, so come and play hard and compete really hard. "

Babcock reunited Nylander on a line with Auston Matthews in the second period of Toronto's loss for New York Islanders Saturday. and the coach held his young stars together again on Monday's exercise.

Babcock emphasized that these events may change before Thursday's match against Minnesota Wild.

When it comes to Nylander's success or lack of it, Babcock repeated what he believed all the time – everything will change for the better when Nylander can look again as a goalie.

"You get one to go in the net – and that's probably going to get out of his butt – but you get one to go in and it's great how the weight of the world comes from you and you continue with it," Babcock said. . "That's what we hope for."


Frederik Andersen was listed on the injury report as daily with a groin injury, but on Monday he participated in a solo session with the goalie club Steve Briere before the team practice.

Andersen spent about 45 minutes with Briere, the first time he has been on the ice since Toronto's morning show in Columbus on December 23. They went through a lot of stretches and a selection of regular drills.

With no play on the schedule until Thursday, Babcock remains cautious about Andersen's recovery.

"Freddie will practice tomorrow with Stevie [on the team’s day off]and then we can see how it goes, "he said." I don't know if he is on the ice with us the next day or not on the ice they will tell me. I'm not asking these things. They tell me when they're ready. We come from there. "

After returning Kasimir Kaskisuo to Toronto Marlies after Saturday's game, the leaves greeted York University Goaltender Alex Fotino that one be net in the morning. Fotino has previously practiced with Toronto on December 19th.

The pressure on whether the leaves will regain Kaskisuo again after the Marlies game on Monday afternoon, Babcock said there is no such plan in place from now on.

"Freddie is practicing tomorrow. I'm going to see it the next day," he said. "So if I have any information, I'll share it with you."

While Andersen has fought for his suffering, Garret Sparks has taken over the starting tasks in Leafs & # 39; last three matches. He has a 2-1-0 record in the span and the 6-2-1 record of the season. Sparks welcomes the opportunity to get more ice age, but it was just as good to see that Andersen made progress.

"He does everything he can to make himself feel 100% for this stretch of race here," Sparks said. "He's a player. He has to do everything he can to be ready to help this team. And I think he's doing a good job."


2018 was an extremely memorable year for Sparks.

The 25-year-old was named the American Hockey League's goalkeeper for his sensational 31-9-1 season with Marlies, and two months later, the team led the first Calder Cup franchise history championship.

It helped Sparks earn the magazine's backup goalie out of training camp and enabled him to play the first full NHL campaign in his career.

"Much has happened in the last 365," he acknowledged. "I took some time yesterday to reflect on everything. If you could have told me it was that way [would go] on January 1, 2018, I would have taken it, 100 percent. "

Babcock said he did not have much to personal New Year's resolutions, but made sure he gave him a hold on how many progresses they made through 2018 and how to grow stronger in 2019.

"What I was trying to impress on the players today, we've had a really good 2018, we won lots of games," he said about Leaf's 26-11-2 record. "When we say all that, we are now in a place we expect more and would like to get more, so we need to improve how we play if we get more."


It's been almost two weeks since Zach Hyman injured his ankle against the New Jersey Devils on December 18. On Monday he showed signs of moving toward a return skating on his own with assistant athletic therapist Jon Geller before Leaf's practice.

Toronto originally said that Hyman would be out for at least three weeks, and Babcock didn't have any update on that timeline. However, he noted that Tyler Ennis, who broke his ankle on December 20, is "backward" than Hyman in terms of return.


Maple Leaf's lines in practice:

Brown Tavares Marner
Johnsson-Matthews Nylander



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