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Oh oh! The internet seems rather unhappy after 2019 Grammy's Cut-Off both Drake & Dua Lipa

Drake, Grammy Awards 2019, Grammys

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The internet has some thoughts for who was responsible for accepting the speech microphone at 2019 Grammys.

After Drake and Dua Lipa were both apparently cut off in the middle of numbers at the 61st annual Grammy Awards, fans took to Twitter to vote for their contempt. Drama online only started when Drake (whose legal name is Aubrey Graham) was silenced while accepting the Best Rap Song award.

To make matters worse, the rap "In My Feelings" was cut off while the addresses were looked at at home. Thus, loyal Drake fans highlighted their dissatisfaction with the Recording Academy online.

"Have they cut off Drake when he actually said something worth listening to this damn show. #GRAMMYs," a Twitter user wrote online.

And it wasn't just fans who were upset as a comedian Sinbad also expressed frustration about the situation. As per the 62-year-old business director he was "digging what [Drake] said.

Unfortunately, this was not the only mic drama to occur when Dua Lipa faced a similar situation during her Best New Artist acceptance speech. Ironically, the British-born song strain was subdued after apparently taking a little jab at the Recording Academy for their lack of female representation in the past.

It was surprising that social media users were not impressed with Grammy Awards & # 39; manners. "They also cut off Dua Lipa also after she did for them, it's a mess," another Twitter commentator noted.

Things only worsened as the price broadcast ended when the producers played many winners from the stage. Case in point: This year's album receives Kacey Musgraves was not given much time to give his speech – and fans noticed.


Does Grammy's producers have anything to explain? Be sure to let us know your thoughts!

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