Wednesday , June 16 2021

Ontario Hydro companies serving 240,000 customers voluntarily prohibit winter breaks

About 240,000 Ontario electricity customers no longer have to worry about the threat of being disconnected from their hydro this winter.

By Tuesday, the Ontario Underwriting Council announced that its members, with around 240,000 customers, voluntarily agreed to discontinue their customers for non-payment of their electricity bills between now and April 30.

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The announcement comes after a global news report has investigated how prices in the sub-painting industry are regulated and among issues from Global News about the number of customers interrupted by under-painting companies every winter.

According to sub-surveying author Chris Holz, this decision was taken in the light of an ongoing review of the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), which looks at the rules on when and how electricity customers can be cut off from their power.

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Holz also said the move was meant to "match" the existing ban on winter interruptions by OEB, which prohibits companies such as Toronto Hydro and Hydro One from cutting off their customers for non-payment in the winter.

"The [sub-metering council] is proactively implementing a suspension of interruptions during the winter period to match the current period for customers served by local distribution companies, "says Holz.

Tuesday's announcement means the around 240.00 customers served by companies like Enercare Connections, Wyse Meter Solutions and Carma Billing Services will no longer have to worry about losing their hydro if they for some reason cannot pay their bill this winter.

"Eel breaks are an absolute last resort when all other options for getting customers' payments for their electricity consumption have failed," Holz said. "Nonetheless [sub-metering council] Go ahead with this policy effective today. "

Two sets of rules for different companies

Under paint companies provide services to apartments and condominiums that allow landlords to change the cost of electricity from a large bill to the entire building to individual bills for tenants.

However, unlike local distribution companies, such as Toronto Hydro and Hydro One, which are prohibited from cutting off their customers during the winter months, Ontario surveying companies are not covered by the OEB's ban on winter interruptions.

Global News investigated the case of an Owen Sound woman who, after several months of not paying her electricity bill, was interrupted for non-payment at the end of January of her sub-counter.

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The company that interrupted its power was within its legal right to do so, because there is no regulation that prohibits this practice.

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However, under paint companies are licensed by OEB and subject to many of the same customer service rules as the least developed countries – eg. Rules on invoice and delay messages, security deposits and postponement plans.

Low income customers serviced by subcontractors can also qualify for emergency relief to prevent winter disruption and lower their monthly hydro bills. These programs include the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) and the Low-Income Energy Assistance Plan.

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