Tuesday , January 26 2021

OPP interim commissioner calls on an ombudsman to investigate the Supt. Ron Taverner's agreement

The provisional commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police calls on the Ombudsman to investigate the recent appointment of the Toronto Police Supt. Ron Taverner as OPP next commissioner.

Brad Blair, who has led the power temporarily, since Vince Hawkes resigned as Commissioner on November 2, filed a formal request Tuesday on account of concern over the recruitment process, which he claims has "deeply affected the rank and file of morals."

Taverns, a close friend of premier Doug Ford's family, was named OPP's next commissioner late last month and will assume his post on December 17th.

Despite the fact that he put two levels under the rank of deputy chief of the Toronto Police Service, Taverns were unanimously appointed by a Progressive Conservative Cabinet.

Just days after Taverns were appointed, the Ford government admitted that it lowered the requirements for the post and said it wanted to attract a wider range of candidates for work

Ford has repeatedly emphasized that his long relationship with Taverns was not a factor in the decision, but Blair claims the recruitment process "remains wrapped in issues of political interference" that erodes the very basis of OPP.

"I have a moral and legal obligation to ensure that the OPP remains independent," said Blair in a letter sent to Ombudsman Paul Dubé.

More on the way.

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