Thursday , December 3 2020

Peel Region Officer – son of Deputy Police Officer – docked for criminal conviction

A policeman from a peel region has been sentenced to pay after guilty of his role in an attack in Pittsburgh, forcing other police to make him keep him under control.

Const. Ryan Andrews – son of Peel Deputy Chief of Police Marc Andrews – has been in force for five years and works out of the 12 Division Neighborhood Police Unit in Mississauga.

Ryan Andrews (left) and his father, Marc Andrews, when the younger Andrews was trained police chief in 2014.
Ryan Andrews (left) and his father, Marc Andrews, when the younger Andrews was trained police chief in 2014. (Metroland file image)

He must be paid five days' salary after he allegedly guilty of discretionary conduct under the Police Service Act in front of the Hearing Officer Supt. Colleen Fawcett.

The hearing was held on December 19 at a political headquarters in Mississauga.

The hearing heard that Andrews and a group of friends were out in Pittsburgh on the evening of December 9, 2017, when he and a friend left a nightclub and were involved in a fight with another man, also an offensive policeman.

"The conversation escalated to the point where Const. Andrews pushed (the man) twice, and a physical disgrace arose between the three men," Fawcett said in her decision.

The man tried to beat Andrews, but Andrews swung back and hit him in the head and knocked him on the ground.

"Const. Andrews then (the man) mounted on the ground and delivered a number of additional blows to his face and main area, "according to the agreed fact statement.

Pittsburgh police officers responded immediately to the assault and tried to separate Andrews from the fight. But when Andrews didn't stop, an officer took him, the ruler said.

It also did not get Andrews to stop, and the official had to use power to remove Andrews from the man, at which time "extra officers were required to help control Const. Andrews and handcuffed him," Fawcett wrote.

Andrews, who is from Brampton, was arrested and charged with assault and arrest and transported to the County Prison.

Ten days later Andrews accused himself of disorderly behavior and harassment before Judge Jeffrey A. Manning of the Allegany County Magisterial District Court and was fined.

Fawcett said Andrews was upset and apologized for his family, police force and police tribunal.

Ryan Andrews has three commands on file and was the recipient of Matt Parr's Bad Driver Apprehension Award, according to Pierre Bernard, who represented Andrews in the disciplinary hearing on behalf of the Peel Regional Police Association.

"Overall, the comments (from his supervisor) describe an employment story that has been excellent before the default," Bernard said. "Const. Andrews accepts full responsibility for his actions, he has shown regret and he is embarrassed. "

Fawcett said police officers were kept to a higher standard of ethical behavior and moral character.

". . . Such misdemeanor has been seen seriously and will not be tolerated, "she said." The public has the right to expect a high ethical code of conduct from police officers and to act responsibly and professionally at any time, whether in their personal or professional life. When those who are elected to protect and serve the public lack the public's expectations, confidence is wiped out and the official must be held accountable. "

Peel Staff Sgt. Valerie Graham said Ryan Andrews has taken responsibility for his actions and has been appropriately disciplined.

"Peel Regional Police perceives any criminal conviction against a police officer as a serious issue, and this case is no different," she said. "We keep our employees at a higher standard, and we expect them to become exemplary members of society both on and off duty."

Ryan Andrew's father, Peel's vice president Marc Andrews, is considered a front-runner to be the next policeman in Peel, police officers said. During the recruitment process, which is expected to take several months, vice president Chris McCord becomes the interim police chief when Chief Jennifer Evans retires in January.

Marc Andrews did not respond to a request for comment on his son's hearing.

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