Monday , November 30 2020

Pointe-Claire basements flooded after water main break

Paul Goblot's son woke him up at 5am to find water pouring into the family's finished cellar on Julien Avenue in Pointe-Claire.

Within 30 minutes, basement furniture and exercise equipment were immersed, and Oblat was not the only one to wake up to a disaster.

A water break flooded about 10 houses and several residential streets. Mayor John Belvedere said the basement of some homes is under two feet of water.

Sections of Lakeshore Drive, Drayton Avenue and Brunet Avenue are closed as a result.

Firefighters were called to the scene around noon. 4:30 AM after residents of Marie-Anne and Victoria roads reported flooding, says Marwan Shedeed, operations manager of the Montreal Fire Department.

Montreal firefighters were summoned to a number of homes in Pointe-Claire around noon. 4.30 as roads, driveways and basements with water. (Simon-Marc Charron / Radio-Canada)

No one was hurt and the home did not need to be evacuated, but firefighters were busy pumping water out of basements all morning, he said.

Streets and driveways were covered by centimeters of standing water early on Tuesday, and two-thirds of a meter of water accumulated on Lakeshore Drive.

The city closed three valves for the water head at 8:00, ensuring that water no longer poured out, Belvedere said.

He sat in water as if he were going to bathe a bath down the street.– Luke Johnston, living in Brunet Avenue

The break that is probably due to the bad weather probably occurred in a 24-inch pipe or tube connected to the head of that size, he said.

"We are aware that it will soon be cold," he said. "So there are many things going on right now to try to clean it up as soon as possible."

The city supplies bottled water to all the affected homes, which crews work to repair the break. Belvedere said he does not know how long it takes to repair the damage and turn the water back on.

Some homes have stoves in their basements, which means they can be without heat.

Crews were out in Pointe-Claire early Wednesday, working to repair the pause. The city will supply bottled water for homes, as it seems to repair the pipe. (Simon-Marc Charron / Radio-Canada)

"People have to call their own insurance and get some specialized companies now to get them taken care of," he said.

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Among those who call their insurance company will be Goblot and his wife, Louise Zlnay.

"The water ran in at 5 in the morning," Zlnay said. "So we have floating furniture."

That the furniture flows over wooden floors and in the garage is an electric Tesla submerged in water.

Luke Johnston's Brunet Avenue home was among the flooded Wednesday mornings that ruined his car, basement and backyard hot tub. (Jay Turnbull / CBC)

Luke Johnston, who lives on Brunet Avenue, told the CBC that the damage to his property is extensive.

"It's very shocking to wake up on a regular working day," he said.

"When I saw the water, there wasn't much I could do because it came through the side door and the basement windows."

Within half an hour there were about a dozen firefighters in his house trying to pump it out into the street, even though it was pouring through the window.

But like the others, the damage was far beyond the basement.

"We have a hot tub in the backyard and I know that the electrical frame inside it is zapped," he said. "The electric box in the basement will probably also be switched."

His father jumped in Johnston's car to move it to the higher ground in the clear hours of the morning, but the car was already marinating in ice-cold, scary water.

"When he came in, there was water right up to the seat," Johnston said. "He sat in water as if he were going to bathe a bath down the street."

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