Sunday , November 29 2020

Randy Orton has openly discussed the willingness to talk to AEW

Randy Orton is reportedly open to the idea of ​​talking to All Elite Wrestling, but he may not be in current conversations with the promotion that some people have speculated.

Last night at the Fightful SmackDown Post Show, chief executive Sean Ross Sapp showed a recent report by @WrestleVotes saying AEW had made a significant offer to a current WWE star to join the new campaign. It was explained that Orton was the famous name involved, but Sapp elaborated that Orton had been heard that he was open to the idea of ​​talking to them, not that any offer had been made.

"They did not reveal who the name is, I know the name. Before I get into this, I do not say that this person was offered an AEW agreement. I do not say if it happened because I do not know if it happened In fact, I asked AEW people about this and I was told [by AEW] "We are not manipulative. We do not. Our approach is fresh and independent is the goal of most of our recruitment. What you probably see is a particular agent trying to make more money out of the WWE by possibly planting shit like this. & # 39; "

Sapp said the information came from a reliable source, which was later verified by 2-3 other people. Orton was described as openly discussing his willingness to speak to All Elite Wrestling. It was once again reiterated that sources have said that Orton has been heard openly discussed his willingness to speak with AEW, not that there was an offer or that Orton was contacted by the promotion. It was once again noted that a person from AEW told him that they will not be manipulated.

It is also worth noting that later in the show, a viewer who replied to Sapp's comments cited an earlier version of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, reporting that Orton had signed a ten-year agreement with WWE. On February 1, 2010, the following released about Orton's status at that time:

"Orton signed a long-term contract, a report has it as a ten-year deal. He also got a $ 600,000 Mania payout this year."

Report: All Elite Wrestling & # 39; Outstanding & # 39; offer for current WWE Star

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