Thursday , January 21 2021

Reggie: Third-party holes in the Switch Game Library linked to Timing of System Reveal

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The switch can be a relatively new system, but it is once again Nintendo hardware that apparently has been removed by a significant part of the video game industry, which resulted in a number of developers and publishers not even recognizing the hybrid platform.

After the end of the 2018 Game Awards, IGN Nintendo America's President, Reggie Fils-Aimé, began to ask why there are so many holes in Switch's third-party lineup. According to the man, it is all the way down to the timing, and the fact that people seem to forget about the contact is not yet two years old. Most of these holes are due to the fact that the development of certain titles was already well before the switch was released itself:

"How this industry works, games are under development for several years. People forget that Switch only experiences their second vacation. So many many games that just started were well developed before there was any conversation with these developers about Nintendo Switch. "

Reggie continued to explain how the switch started with simultaneous launches – referenced Mortal Kombat 11 and Crash Team Racing. He also stated how Nintendo had now proved to be developers and publishers with a growing installation base:

"Now that we've been on the market, coming up for two years, now that we've shown the pace at which we grow an installation base, and doing it globally, the second piece is meaningful for developers," he says. he said. "Our strength in America, our strength in Asia, our strength in Europe is critically important. That's what allows developers to ensure their content is available on Switch as quickly as possible."

Do you agree with Reggie? Is it completely down to the time of Switch release and when the production of certain third party titles originally began? Do you think this is the main reason why certain third-party games change Switch? Tell us below.

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