Thursday , November 26 2020

Report: Jazz appears as partner for Raptors, Grizzlies in 3-team Point Guard swap

Update: Adrian Wojnarowski reports that conversations between Raptors and Grizzlies did not go too far.

What we thought was just smoke and mirrors could be right.

Reported live this afternoon at Jump & # 39; s NBA Trade Deadline broadcast, said Brian Winhorst from ESPN that Ricky Rubio, Mike Conley and Kyle Lowry could all be on different teams at 3 pm tomorrow afternoon.

It was also reported yesterday that jazz and grizzlies were involved in trade discussions centered on a Rubio / Draft pick for Conley swap. The details appeared this afternoon that Mike Conley allegedly has no interest in playing for the Utah Jazz, which may have created the above proposed transaction.

Repeating the point Louis made in yesterday's reports is happening all the time and at a fast frequency this time of year. It does not necessarily mean a deal is close to being done just because it has been tweeted about. It is the job of Masai Ujuri and other NBA General Manager to explore ways to improve their respective teams, and to talk through trading packages is part of this process.

The other side of this equation is the way in which this information becomes publicly available. Leaking information like leverage tactics is something that happens quite often in the NBA. A team that is incited to move a player intentionally places players who were (or were not) mentioned in trading discussions to ignite other trading offers for that player. Masai has rarely ever had any information leakage from trades he is orchestrated and the same can be said for the negotiations Utah has made in recent years. The same cannot be said for Memphis Grizzlies.

As it is public knowledge that Memphis has bought the long-standing franchise duo Mike Conley and Mark Gasol in an attempt to rebuild this struggling franchise, there have been many accusations that allowed Memphis to deliberately leak these suspected offers into an attempt to get more teams to download the phone and make them an offer. No one suggests that Masai never uttered the words "Kyle Lowry" in trade discussions over the last few weeks, but the idea that this is an agreement close to being made, or even appealing to all parties involved, is bleak at best.

The lack of other reputable sources reporting or confirming the above agreement indicates that no one should hold their breath until there is more detail about this situation.

Regarding the influence this trade would have on all teams involved, it would be difficult to flush the details without further information on who is in the agreement. Given the comparative size of Rubio's pay (15.1M) over Lowry and Conley (30M), there would surely be a need for more men involved from each team to make the money and trade sensible. If you missed Louis Zatzman's analysis of what Conley / Lowry's aspect of this prey could mean for Raptor's on-court success, I urge you to check it out.

It won't be long before we can make sense of all this and it will be interesting, at least, how Raptor's management and Kyle Lowry move forward if the 5-time-all-star stays put (where he belongs to). Buckle up boys and girls, we have 22 hours to go.

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