Tuesday , November 24 2020

Report: ROH Overbid All Elite Wrestling & WWE For Bandido

Luchador Bandido signing with the Ring of Honor was a surprise move for some, considering both WWE and All Elite Wrestling. According to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), All In Main Events had a great deal of interest from All Elite Wrestling, but was hesitant to sit with them ever since, so much of the situation is currently in flux. Without an official offer from the company (since they have not started properly) and no details about a TV deal, Bandido decided to join the Ring of Honor.

Bandido also had interest from WWE, who had offered him a significantly lower deal than the origination ring first. After the company found out that he was offered several wrestling campaigns, they offered him a dramatically bigger deal. But it was still less lucrative than what Ring of Honor had offered, and he went with the Sinclair-owned company.

This shows that the Ring of Honor is willing to use their deep pockets to sign new talent at the moment.

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