Sunday , November 29 2020

Saanich Police examines sexual assault with a weapon – BC

Saanich Police investigates a serious sexual assault involving a weapon early on Sunday morning.

It happened at the Gordon Head Townhouse complex in the 3900 block Wolf Street.

The police say an unknown man who burns a knife came into the dark home at. 2, and sexually assaulted a 22-year-old woman from the mainland who stayed with friends from the University of Victoria.

The offense was not physically damaged and is now recovering with the support of friends and service.

The victim describes the suspect as tall with short blond hair, athletic appearance. He may have used glasses.

Saanich Police Staff Sgt. Chris Horsley says they are aware that some homes in the area where college students live are unsecured and are investigating the possibility that suspicious people have been aware of this and benefited from the situation.

"There is a very high density of college students who often live in groups – sharing houses and townhouses – and it became known to us that many of them do not even secure the doors ever, so people just come and go through the front door and that is And of course, the suspect in this incident may have had prior knowledge that this home would not be safe at night. "

"We are investigating whether there is some kind of connection between the suspect and the home. We have completely excluded the residents of the house; they are all known to the victim and have been fully cooperative with the police."

"We think it's likely this person – maybe through friends, associates … maybe from a party … realize that this house was open. So we try to determine if there is any kind of confusion between the victim and the attacker, ie this person was followed or was there some kind of connection in advance? It is very early in the investigation and what we know is certain that it appears that this person could only enter at home in the middle of the night. "

Horsley says Saanich Police does not draw any connection between this attack and previous attacks in Saanich in recent months.

"In general, this area is very safe. There is plenty of traffic … even though 2 in the morning there would have been a lot of foot traffic around the area, so surely if anyone saw someone who might run from the area or act suspiciously, we would surely have them give a shout to Saanich Police. "

The police remind everyone to lock their home at night.

Police are asking someone with information to contact Saanich Police.

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