Monday , January 18 2021

Southern Quebec braces for winter wallop

Ready or not, here it comes.

Environment Canada says southern Quebec is becoming walloped with up to 40 centimeters of snow, starting late in the afternoon and into the morning.

Wednesday morning commute is likely to be a challenge with snow and blowing snow reducing visibility to almost zero at times.

"The commuting hours will be pretty intense," Environment Canada Meteorologist Simon Legault.

It will be southern Quebec's hardest-hit storm so far this winter, he said. Snow is expected to begin to fall in the Montreal region at noon. 17 and release at least 30 centimeters of snow at 6:00 pm Wednesday.

The weather agency's warning covers much of the province, from Gatineau to the eastern district right up to the Lac-Saint-Jean region.

"Highest snowfalls are expected from the larger Montreal area to the eastern urban areas as well as over Charlevoix," says Environment Canada on its website.

The low-pressure system moves in from the American middleland and intensifies over the Great Lakes.

With regard to today's forecast, in Montreal, rising clouds will gradually turn into falling snow with northeast winds at 20 km / h rejection to 40.

Sometimes snow can fall at a speed of two to four centimeters per hour.

A high of -12 C is expected, but it will feel like -28 with the wind chill.

Work from home if possible

Legault said people should avoid driving if possible and consider working from home Wednesday which, although only five centimeters or so will fall, the strong winds will continue to blow snow.

"Even if you take buses, you can expect some delays," he said. "Tomorrow is probably the best day to stay at home since we started this winter."

The temperature rises to about -2 C in the afternoon, he said, but walking around outside will be made difficult by the wind. It will be particularly windy in the Quebec City area, with gusts of 80 km / h.

In Quebec City, the snow begins a little later and there won't be much of it.

MTQ says it's clear to turn the storm

Quebec's Ministry of Transport said, while ready to preserve the province's 32,000-kilometer roadway, motorists should also do their part.

Before you go out, people have to check the road conditions via the Quebec511's web, mobile and telephone platforms.

The driver must ensure that their vehicle is well prepared for winter driving, completely cleared of snow and filled with winter equipment, including a first aid kit.

The drivers must adapt their driving to the conditions the Ministry says and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and stay out of the blind spots of snow removal and snow clearing.

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