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Tesla News: The Red Tesla Semi, Leasing In China, And Supercharger Expansion

red Tesla Semi

Published on January 1, 2019 |
by Steve Hanley

January 1, 2019 by Steve Hanley

In the midst of the burst of news about Tesla Model 3 deliveries at the end of 2018, some other information about things that happened at Tesla these days was pushed to the side. Now that the end of this year's madness is over, here are a few things you may have missed.

Tesla Semi In Red

red Tesla Semi

So far, it seems that only two Tesla Semi prototypes were spotted in the real world. One was the black truck parked behind Elon Musk at the revelation; the other was a silver version. Imagine how surprised Reddit member u / CardSpecialist was a few days after Christmas when he saw a red Tesla Semi recorded 15 seats at the Kettleman City Supercharger station halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

He managed to take some pictures and get a quick word with the driver who said that the red truck definitely got much more attention from other drivers than the black truck ever did. Analyzing the license plate information later showed that this was actually the black truck embellished in a bright red wrapper. Semi was connected to only one Supercharger at that time. Although in previous observations, it has been seen with as many as 4 chargers at one time.

red Tesla Semi

Credit: Derek Rasina / Twitter

Tesla Semi Production is expected to begin before the end of 2019, but Tesla's investor relations manager, Martin Viecha, said last September that the company "seriously" produces the electric trucks by 2020, according to reports by Teslarati.

Tesla Supercharger Expansion in 2018

Tesla Supercharger

In a series of tweets at the end of the year, Tesla said it had installed over 3,100 Superchargers globally in 2018. "Our network now covers 99% of the US population and 97% of Europe and will continue to grow in 2019. At home or workplace charging covers about 90% of daily driving, the Supercharger network allows charging while away from home or on the weather, "the company said.

The best of the 4 end of this year's tweets shows how each Tesla now automatically displays the location of each Supercharger along the route when the driver programs in a destination. It was followed by another tweet showing all the Supercharger placements between Sweden and Spain as a demo.

New Leasing Unit Chartered In China

On the other side of the planet from the Red Semi, Tesla has registered a new company in China, according to Autoblog. Referring to an application with the National Enterprise Information Publicity System, the new entity will focus on leasing and consulting. The original capitalization is $ 30 million, and the registered agent is Zhu Xiaotong, operations manager of Tesla in China. The company rejected a request for comment on the story.

The move is a further signal that Tesla is planning to proceed with its plans to bring its electric cars to China as soon as possible. Deliveries of US-made Model 3s are expected to start in the spring, with locally produced cars arriving in about a year from the new factory under construction in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

2019 will be a tremendously important year for Tesla, as it advances with plans to continue to ramp up the production of Model 3 while building a new factory in China, expanding its Supercharger network, hiring the upcoming Model Y through his pregnancy period and get the Tesla Semi in production. Oh yes, and then there is also the Tesla pick-up trolley, but we still see, but apparently Elon Musk's favorite project at the moment. Keep up to date with all the things Tesla is doing here Clean Technica in the coming year.

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