Tuesday , January 19 2021

The world's coldest year on record happened over 90 years ago – Science

Here's a statistic: On earth, 18 of the last 19 years have been the hottest in recorded history.

And since both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Wednesday, the last five years have been the five hottest in history – since quality registration began in the 1880s. It is an unmistakable, accelerating warming trend.

The 21st century's warming, however, becomes the more sharp compared to the coldest years on record. As climate researcher Simon Donner, who examines man-made climate change at The British Columbia, is highlighted through a list published on Twitter, the planet's 20 coldest years all happened almost a century ago, between 1884 and 1929.

The coldest year on record took place in 1904.

The Earth's average temperature has risen by over 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, making annual cold records even less frequent.

But it is not only annual cold signs that become less frequent. For the past 10 years, twice as many Daily heat items have been set as cold signs.

The result is 21,461 record daily highs to 11,466 record lows.

"We actually see an increase in daily heat records, and we do not see an increase in daily cold signs," Michael Mann, climate man at Penn State University, told Mashable last week.

"The trend is in exactly the direction we would expect as a result of a warm-up plan," said Mann.

Although the warming of greenhouse gases – particularly carbon dioxide – has warmed the planet for well over a century, the development over the last 40 years has accelerated and grown significantly.

"We've known since the 1980's that Earth has had fever," explained Sarah Green, an environmental chemist earlier this year.

This is a consequence of simple physics understood since the 19th century. Back in the late 1880s there were simply much lower levels of carbon dioxide in the air. Now, carbon dioxide levels are probably the highest they have been for about 15 million years.

And the earth responds. The earth is warmer than it has existed for about 120,000 years – back when hippos migrated across Europe.

So cold records, as expected, die out.

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