Saturday , January 23 2021

This is how to enjoy "unhealthy" foods can actually be healthy

There is a wealth of evidence that focusing on food's sensual pleasure can actually help you find a healthy balance. And to get the most from food, I recommend you lower down while you eat, rather than pushing it in. Remove distractions like phone and television so you can eat with care.

Make sure you use all your senses to fully experience your food. Upscale colors, textures, aromas and presentation. Note every taste you taste while chewing thoroughly. Studies show that when people eat slower, they tend to take in fewer calories and feel as satisfied. You will also digest your food better and absorb more nutrients.

Instead of trying to avoid food I enjoy, I find it more effective to stop labeling certain foods (and myself) as "bad". I switch "forbidden food" to "fun food" instead. Since I have made this mindset, I have noticed that I am demanding my fun foods much less, and when I participate, I enjoy them much more.

For me, eating a balance of nutritious health foods along with some fun foods is an ultimate healthy diet. And healthy pleasure is something we can all agree on for dinner. Bowl!

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