Wednesday , January 27 2021

This is the TransLink's snowplane & # 39; and it includes several delays

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TransLink issued a statement at. 14.00. today (Monday) warning that more delays are expected if Metro Vancouver gets another big dump of snow as expected this afternoon and Tuesday morning.

What a shock!

"We expect another big snowfall that begins this afternoon and continues through the evening," read the statement. "We are ready to deliver as much service as possible to the customers, but they should expect less frequency on SkyTrain than they usually are.

SkyTrain was paralyzed Monday morning due to snowy and icy weather conditions. The stations were packed over the SkyTrain system and the transit provider was lambasted on social media over the delays. Lougheed Station in Burnaby saw massive lines all morning.

But TransLink says it has stepped up its efforts to deal with the situation, committing itself to:

  • "Call extra staff to help customers and coordinate service.
  • Salt and sand all transit exchanges to prevent slippery surfaces.
  • Coordinate with municipalities on snow removal, if priority routes are affected.
  • Use special trolleys to spread anti-icing solution on wagon lines.
  • Install brass "cutters" on some trolley buses to cut through ice on wagon lines.

What to do if conditions are difficult

  • Replace articulated buses with 40 & 39; conventional buses when needed as they are more flexible in steep, slippery areas.
  • Install deckchairs on buses on Burnaby Mountain and on key North Shore routes where hills and traction are a problem.
  • Specially drive the SkyTrain, spraying de-icers on the track to keep the trains moving.
  • Run trains through the night if the snow is particularly heavy to keep the tracks clear.
  • Send HandyDART out with two employees per. Vehicle to make sure customers get their door safe and help dig out the bus if needed.
  • Enable additional staff increases to help customers across the system. "

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