Friday , June 18 2021

Vancouver Space Center to host Super Blood Wolf Moon View Celebration

SIR. MacMillan Space Center host an epic show celebration for one of the greatest celestial events of 2019.

The center is open late for the overall moon-eclipse and offers a special show at the Planetarium Star Theater. They are encouraging visitors to learn more about the moon and the eclipses and want the observatory open so guests can check out the moon close to a telescope. In addition, the next total lunar eclipse does not take place before 2021, making the event very special.

However, if it is a rainy night, the center will provide a live feed of the eclipse in the Planetarium Star Theater.

The observatory is open from 10 am From 6.30 to 10.30, but there will be a Planetarium Star Theater show from 10 am 19:00 to 20:00. Of course, the total eclipse occurs between. 8.41 and kl. 21.44, so you have time to see the show in the planetarium and visit the rest of the observatory.

When: Sunday, January 20, 2019 from 9 am 18:30 to 22:00
Where: SIR. MacMillan Space Center – Vanier Park, 1100 Chestnut Street
Cost: Adult: $ 14; Children: $ 8.50; Youth / Senior: $ 11; Family (5 persons, max. 2 adults): $ 41

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