Sunday , October 24 2021

Vape-Shop Owner Responds to New FDA Actions | Local news


The Food and Drug Administration has proposed new measures to prevent young people from using flavored tobacco products and eventually ban mentally mentized cigarettes. In a statement released on Thursday, the FDA Commissioner said. Scott Gottlieb recently released data on the increase in the use of e-cigarettes among teens shocked his conscience.

"In July 2017, I made my concerns about the children's use of e-cigarettes, especially those products marketed with obviously child-friendly flavors. However, the trend was changing in the right direction," Gottlieb said.

E-cigarette use among high school students increased 78 percent from 2017 to 2018, with an increase of 48 percent among middle school students, according to the FDA and Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Gottlieb called it an epidemic.

But Vape On! The owner Tod Yarbrough said that the steps set by the FDA do not give much meaning. Specifically the requirement that some products are sold in "age-restricted, personal places".

In Gottlieb's statement, he said that electronic nicotine delivery systems with tobacco, mint or mentol flavor are exempted from the FDA's new policy. However, in "child-friendly" flavors or packages, such as fruit flavors or packaging with food images on it, they must be kept in age restricted areas.

Yarbrough, whose business is in Madison, said that the FDA's definition of age-limited could be a problem, as it generally meant that someone had "someone at the door and controlled IDs". Yarbrough's business policy is to check the identification of the one shown below the age of 27 and try to make a purchase. He will also deny purchases if he thinks it's an adult who buys a minor.

As said, "I will not have a mother leave her baby in the car just to get in here and have some juice," he said.

Yarbrough said he also wondered how to protect his shop from children driving or passing by the store. Is he responsible for seeing goods through the windows, even if they never go inside?

"I'm just trying to use cause," he said, adding fruit and other foodstuff ENDS products are a "big majority" of his business.

In the end, however, he does not expect the new FDA restrictions to have much, if any, negative impact on his business.

Gottlieb said in his statement that the FDA would work to identify increased measures for age verification and other restrictions on online sales, but Vape On! does not sell ENDS online.

Yarbrough, who opened the store shortly after his own transition to vaping six years ago, said if anything, the potential ban on flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes could mean more adult customers seeking their preferred taste of nicotine delivery.

"We opened this business to help people quit smoking, and that's what we've maintained our goal for," he said.

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