Tuesday , January 19 2021

Victoria Mayor not & # 39; as & # 39; fake Facebook profile, it has pulled down

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps wants to make one thing clear: she is not on Facebook.

So if you've seen a Facebook page that was short online and apparently from the Mayor of B.C. & # 39; s capital, it was a fake. The helper was so worried that she had city staff out to social media giant pulling it down.

"The fact that they use my image that they use the banner that is on my Twitter feed, and they actually write like me with positivity and exclamation marks, is very worrying," it helps in council councils on Monday.

"It's really worrying that someone would use this tool, I think, spreading false information.

"It's totally unacceptable."

Since then, several positions allegedly by the mayor and suggested, for example, the city transform some of its churches into mosques.

Some of the comments on the page published are pointed to the page was a fake. Others seemed to play together. Others, the mayor noted, were racist, especially on one of the churches and mosques.

"There was something to share and comment on," said City Engagement Commander Bill Eisenhauer. "It probably looked like some people thought it was an actual Mayor site"

The site went online once during the weekend and was pulled down on Monday afternoon, Eisenhauer added.

"Someone had left [the mayor] know, "he replied when asked how it was discovered." We checked it out and immediately reported it to Facebook … they took steps right away.

Helps say that the page went beyond satire.

"It's a deliberate spread of misinformation in my voice. It's very different," she said.

Helper was concerned that the fake page was using its Twitter profile picture and banner. (Bill Eisenhauer)

Helps delete his Facebook account back in March 2018 as part of the online #deletefacebook campaign that encouraged people to sign the platform well.

She has previously been working on her online presence in 2016, when she was previously blocked from using her real name. Facebook eventually rectified the situation.

"Facebook is a poisonous echo chamber," said Monday. "The fact that on Facebook someone can actually become me, looks like me, sounds like me, without consequences before we tell Facebook … I think there is a problem with the social platform."

Helper says that anyone who wants to reach her can call her on the phone, email her or notify her on Twitter.

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