Tuesday , January 26 2021

What is the "Bird Box Challenge" and why Netflix issued a warning telling Canadians not to try it

People have been completely obsessed with one of the latest thriller movies to hit Netflix, Bird Box. People have even taken their love of the movie so far that Netflix has had to warn viewers not to resume the movie in real life. "Bird Box Challenge" is now a really good thing, and Netflix has even released a warning telling people not to try it at home.

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Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie where a family is going to go on a dangerous journey blindfolded to avoid being killed by a dangerous monster that catches you through sight. A lot of memes have been made about the movie, and now people are taking it to the next level and actually blocking themselves in real life to act on the plot at home.

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"Bird Box Challenge" consists of people who live their everyday life blindfolded as if they were in the movie. Whether it's doing tasks or even just walking down the street or in their house, people are now documenting their experiences with bindings. The videos are completely crazy, and Netflix now warns viewers that "Bird Box Challenge" can lead to hospitalization.

Netflix is ​​now asking people not to perform the Bird Box Challenge. The streaming service announced the announcement Twitter and told viewers that they did not want them to "end up in the hospital because of memes".

Bird Box Challenge has led to some crazy viral videos. People even make 24-hour challenges and document everything. See how some people have tried the Bird Box Challenge. Spoiler: It looks really painful.

In the above video, a group joined the streets of New York City that were tied together. A man begins to run and ends up falling down many stairs of a subway station and it looks terribly painful.

A father even blindfolded her two children to imitate Sandra Bullock's character in the movie as she protects her two children. In this "Bird Box Challenge", the man's baby once ends in a wall, and it looks extremely terrible.

Some people have even been full 24 hours blindfolded in an attempt to live a full day in the "Bird Box". Check out their experience, which was documented and posted on Youtube.

2019 has just begun and it's a hot mess already. For the safety of yourself and others it is probably best not to blind yourself and live out Bird Box in real life.

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