Tuesday , January 26 2021

White Sox is serious about Bryce Harper

Plus: Joe Kelly appears to be a relief goal, according to the Boston report

A change in venue did not change the status of White Sox & # 39; winter. They are still very interested in landing Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, so much that "Manny Machado and Bryce Harper" have not been officially ruled out. Both are pleased to approach the process procedure methodically, and Machado can take longer:

The stars will dictate the timing, and the white sox will continue for the trip until it's over. Ken Rosenthal has designed the most thorough and forthcoming argument for Jerry Reinsdor's desire to make a splash and Harper seems to get the best spot:

Harper seems to be their preference – both general manager Rick Hahn and executive vice president Ken Williams are said to be fascinated by the opportunity to sign him. The information about the TV deal is not known, but White Sox is expected after the 2019 season with Reinsdorf's second team, NBA Bulls and their United Center partner, NHL Blackhawks. […]

Reinsdorf Private has expressed doubts that his team will actually win the bid to Harper or Machado, according to a source of knowledge of his thinking. But even with the white sox for at least one year, he does not stop his front office from engaging in the two stars, and the possibility of a marriage with Harper apparently grows more realistically.

Part of the Harper focus may be the competition. Brian Cashman has said that Yankees do not have room for Harper in their away team, while Machado fills an immediate need (shortstop). Dodgers are also overstuffed with outfielders, though Bob Nightengale says they want to loosen the log to open opportunities. Phillies is one of the only other teams allegedly in both stars, but they also prefer Machado.

Assuming that all these things are true – and it's hard to put so much faith there – it makes White Sox the frontiers of Harper with regard to the things they can control. Fit, enthusiasm and available money are on their side. If he creates a deal to accommodate a team with a bigger cache and a better shot in battle, Sox's hands are tied.

But until the white sox is eliminated, they continue to break new ground in rhetoric, which is a start. Harper's deal will take them far beyond the money they've ever spent, and Sox does not qualify their interest or suggest any kind of cap for their pursuits, either in their own words or through their favorite reporters.

And it's not like Machado can be ruled out.

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Among the more modest goals, Boston reporter Rob Bradford says White Sox is among the teams "becoming the most aggressive when it comes to pursuing the services" by reliever Joe Kelly.

Kelly's speech has not completely matched the level of his stuff during his career – he's set at 98-99 in the last two years of the Red Sox bullpen, but in one way or another it has not meant a strikeout an inning .

His World Series performance, however, became his head. Kelly appeared in all five matches and knocked out 10 smashing without a walk over six speechless innings.

Kelly is not shy about taking advantage of the marketing opportunity offered by his October.

"I'm one of these guys and I showed it in the World Series, I made different innings every game and had the same success. I do not say other guys can not do it. But I do not need it dedicated routine where I'm going to stretch in the sixth, drink my coffee in the seventh and mentally prepare. It's one of the things they can say, "Hi Joe, you're in the next smash." And I can go inside and dominate because I do not mentally need the same routine. Honestly, the less time it's better for me. That's what I realized as starting because I had so much time. Do scouting reports. Having anxiety forward. Looking at lineup. It's one of the things I think is the best fit and it appeared throughout the World Series. Any given role when I'm right, challenging hitters, I do not need a routine. I'm not one of the guys that can not change to be successful. Just give me the ball when the big outs are necessary. When they call That's my name, I'll check in instead of reviewing a whole process. It has never been my MO, and I realized that I became an older player in the league. The less you think the better. I told them I just want the big outs. "

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More news:

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* Billy Hamilton completed a one-year, 5.25 million dollar deal with Kansas City Royals. Royals Review says Hamilton does not match the current team, but it is easy to imagine that he is bothering Sox.

* Ryan Goins has reserved his place on "Who's Who Among 2019 White Sox Spring Training Non-Roaster Invite" post.

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