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5 foods to detoxify your body when your hangover has expired | life

In the middle of the holiday season, one of the most consuming liquids claims its place as the protagonist: alcohol.

And in Chile and many countries, alcoholic beverages occupy one of the most important places of the holiday, especially in the New Year.

That's why there are hundreds of prevention campaigns that prevent excess alcohol consumption to avoid accidents for drinking health problems.

Still, if you feel that you've been overdoing this New Year or that the alcohol is still spinning in your body, there are "detox" foods that will help you detoxify and feel better again.

1. Coconut water

The most important thing after an evening is to hydrate yourself. Therefore, you must first of all drink a liquid that completely hydrates you. One of the most recommended is coconut water, which helps you come quickly, it is a natural isotonic drink that we had explained in an earlier article.

2. Infusion of ginger or mint

If you continue to feel dizzy, even though you are hydrating, these infusions are perfect for you. Just heat some water and mix it with ginger and mint and drink it. Soon you will see relief, according to Beatriz Larrea, health coach & # 39; and author of the book "Detox to Change Your Life," in Vogue.

3. Tomato juice

Larrea recommends drinking tomato juice to feel better.

"Normally, after a night of drinking, you wake up with very low sugar content, so the fruit juice is a way of raising and feeling better," Beatriz explains.

"Try to make it a homemade juice and avoid citrus fruits as they irritate the stomach. The best? Tomato, pineapple, apple …", he added.

4. Bananas

Contains a high potassium index, which, according to the expert, explains, helps remove alcohol from the body.

5. Oatmeal

"It's high in vitamin B complex, nutrients that alcohol exhausts in the body," the expert says. You can consume it with fruits that also contain this type of nutrient.

Other tips

Nutrition expert Stefanie Chalmers explained in a previous note from BioBioChile that some measures can be taken as follows:

1. Since you wake up, uses a lot of fluidsas clean as possible, such as water or infusions.

2. The one sports drinks They also serve, although it should be remembered that it is possible to make homemade rehydrating drinks (juice with 1 or 2 lemons, 1 teaspoon sea salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder, all in 1 liter of boiled water).

3. Eat with slightly digested preparations such as vegetable broth, rich in mineralsbut remove most of the fiber (take out the whole vegetables). the carrots, boiled apples and rice They are very well tolerated to avoid total fasting.

4. The seafood broth They are great for quickly overcoming the imbalances caused by the alcohol's toxicity, but it is only recommended when digestion works well.

5. If you have performed digestive complications, it is recommended consume lactobacilli. These are sold in supermarkets in the dairy section in the form of small individual bottles.

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