Resident Evil 2 Remake stores many secrets and opportunities so every game with Leon and Claire is a world. You will know in detail so take a look at our Resident Evil 2 guide. But if you need some extra help, here we will tell you 5 useful tricks that will help you a lot in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

But there are many things that the game does not tell you and that you must discover for yourself. Details that can be overlooked, but can be crucial to reaching the end of Resident Evil 2 Remake. Therefore, we decided to tell you 5 tricks that Resident Evil 2 does not tell you … and it will help you a lot. You're welcome!

Save ammunition

Shooting in the heads of the zombies is a wonderful feeling, but it is not always useful as they are very resistant and a shot at & # 39; coconut & # 39; does not guarantee too much, even if it is their biggest weak point. Unless you use a shotgun.

If you have the traditional guns, it is best to shoot your legs. The damage in the zombies is permanent, and although the attack on their limbs we leave them alive, it is easier to escape from a being who creeps at the stages. And you will save vital ammunition.

Ingenuity not only serves with zombies; but also with lickers. Remember that in this Resident Evil 2 Remake, the licks are blind. If you approach beautifully from behind, with about eight & # 39; cuts & # 39; You can kill them without using bullets.

Know your enemies

Each enemy has a weak point. It is important to know what we are facing to know where to attack. And act accordingly as the ammunition is deficient and knowing how to do more harm can be crucial to reaching the end of life.

The weak points of the enemies are as follows:

  • Zombies: Head
  • Licker: Brain exposed
  • G-Adult: Eyesight (Finish Recording on the Shoulder)
  • William Birkin. Exposed eye
  • Zombies poisonous plants: Nucleus
  • Tyrant: Excluded heart


It sounds obvious, but it's not that obvious. If you go through the scenes instead of driving, you will make less noise and that will mean that you will not attract the attention of the zombies. Not even Mr. X's heavy one. Therefore go as far as possible. It will be a more tedious process, but it will avoid many unnecessary dislikes and confrontations.

Therefore, avoid using the balls when you can, even if the temptation is great.

Blue herbs, like spinach to Popeye

In this remake of Resident Evil 2, some changes have been included. Among them is the importance of blue herbs. Besides healing the poison, if you combine a blue grass with a red one, you get an advantage that will consolidate you for a period and you will suffer less damage. You will see the icon of a shield in the lower right corner of the HUD to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Power of weapons

Perhaps by name don't know much about the strength of Resident Evil 2 Remake's weapons, so we leave a list of each of them, ordered from the weakest to the most powerful.

  • Lower damage – 9 mm
    Samurai Edge (Base)

  • Low damage – 9 mm
    Samurai Edge (Upgraded)
    SLS 60 (Base)
    JMB HP3

  • Normal damage – .45 Caliber, Shotgun, etc.
    Single Action Army
    SLS 60 (upgraded)
    Shotgun (Base)
    SMG (Base)

  • High damage – Shotgun and grenades
    Grenade Launcher
    Shotgun (Upgraded)

  • More severe damage – Magnum

Author: José L. Ortega / Hobby Consolas