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9 curious real Christmas traditions that Meghan Markle will have to learn | TV and show

2018 has been a year full of feelings and controversy for the British royal family. Not only did they receive a new heir to the crown, but also one of its most popular members married a divorced American actress who caught the world's attention.

In recent weeks, things have become more critical because of the rumors that the two main dukes of royalty, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, they get so bad that one of them decided to move out of the castle where they were neighbors.

Things got worse with the speculation about Markle's behavior and the constant accusations of her strong character who would have left Middleton crying, and that would have made her face the same. Queen Isabel before your wedding.

The alleged fight would also have separated the children to Princess Diana, it Prince William and Harry. According to the rumors, the youngest of the brothers would be annoyed with the elderly not to support the exam.

Despite all the speculation and controversy, Kensington Palace confirmed that the Dukes of Sussex will spend Christmas with the Dukes of Cambridge and their three children, just as they did last year when they were still engaged in marriage.

The news comes after some media claim that Kate, William and his family would enjoy Christmas Eve with Middleton's parents to avoid meeting Markle.

But besides the rumors, the royal family must respect a number of rules to celebrate these festivities, many of which have already begun to fulfill.

1. The traditional photo and Christmas card

Every year, Queen Isabel and Prince Felipe take a photo that is used as a Christmas card and signed with hand to send to over 800 people, including leaders, politicians, workers and family.

Actually, The monarch begins signing the cards in the summer and she does it as Isabel R. (Regina, which means Queen in Latin) for more formal announcements, Elizabeth for friends and Lilibeth for her cousins.

The monarch's descendants do the same with their own families and also share the images on social networks where they usually send messages of thanks and good wishes to the whole world.

Every year, royalty people look at the images, especially the dukes in Cambridge, who tend to be more playful with their young children.

This year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used a recording taken on their wedding day as a Christmas card.

2. The Queen buys her gifts at the most famous shopping mall in London

According to the Cosmopolitan magazine, Queen Isabel has a favorite place to do her Christmas shopping and that is Harrods, the most famous shopping mall in London.

Although it is likely that he has today received help in his advanced age – he is 92 years old – it is said that the site a few years ago was open after his opening hours, so Isabel II could make his purchases.

3. All employees receive the same gift each year

The queen has many gifts to do, especially because she has more than 550 people at your service. To facilitate the task, the sovereign must "cut for the sake of health" and give everyone the same gift.

According to the royal family's website, the queen pays 1,500 "Julpudser", a traditional English dessert distributed among its employees, including postal workers and the palace police force. Each employee receives desserts along with a note signed by her and the prince Felipe. This is a tradition that began with the Queen's grandfather, King George VI.

But that's not all because the staff also receive gift cards ranging from 25,000 to 31,000 Chilean pesos, depending on how long they've worked in the palace.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

4. Gifts open on Christmas Eve

In Chile, gifts usually open on Christmas Eve, but in many other countries, including England, families are waiting for Christmas morning.

The royal family meanwhile follows their ancestral German tradition and performs the exchange of gifts on tea time on Christmas Eve.

Queen's nephew, viscount David Linley, described the rite as "A total uprising". And it seems that members of the royal family are fans of joke gifts without moving on an apartment Princess Diana gave him a leopard shower to his sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson, and Prince Harry gave him a bath cover for the queen with the phrase: " Life is a bitch ".

Parody of the royal family Shloer
Parody of the royal family Shloer

5. The family spends Christmas at Sandringham House

The royal family meets at Sandringham House in Norfolk on Christmas Day, where New Year also happens. The country house is owned by the royal family since 1862 and serves as the perfect resting place as it has 24 hectares of gardens.

In the 60s, when the Queen's family was still small, they used to enjoy the celebrations at Windsor Castle, however The tradition was changed in 1988 when the place was renovated and since then maintained.

6. Each member has an arrival time at Sandringham

While the whole family of the Queen is invited to enjoy Christmas in Sandringham, her arrival at the site on December 25 is subject to the protocol.

Family groups do not arrive at the same time, but in order of importance. For example, lower-status groups come first, while the closest to the throne, such as Prince Charles or William, are the last.

    BEN STANSALL | Agence France - Press
BEN STANSALL | Agence France – Press

7. Everyone goes to church in Christmas morning

The Queen and the entire royal family are required to attend a religious service on Christmas morning.

To do this, they arrive a lot at the Santa Maria Magdalena Church, a landscape chapel dating back to the 16th century and visited by the grandfather's grandfather, Queen Victoria.

        Ben Stansall | Agence France - Press
Ben Stansall | Agence France – Press

7. Finish decorate the tree as a family

It is believed that Queen Charlotte, King of King George III, introduced the Christmas tree to the royal family. The subsequent enthusiasm of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for the users helped spread the popularity across the country.

Today, the Queen and her family members are generally They give the last things to the Christmas tree.

Normally, the smaller members of royalty are responsible for completing the decoration in Sandringham.

Wales Online
Wales Online

8. Harry and Williams "pichanga"

In recent years, it has become a tradition for princes William and Harry play a football game with the Sandringham workers.

The brothers, who normally wear the socks of their favorite football team (Aston Villa for William and Arsenal for Harry), are accompanied by Kate Middleton, although this year Meghan Markle is also likely to be present.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry

9. Filmed

After a busy day, the royal family meets at night to watch a movie, like thousands of other groups in the world.

Ballroom in Sandringham, decorated with a large collection of weapons delivered to the son of Queen Victoria Edward during her trip to India and the Far East, is used as an improvised cinema.

Agence France Press
Agence France Press

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