Thursday , December 3 2020

Alexis Sánchez reacts to charges in the English press – International football

© Agencia UNO Alexis Sánchez reacts to accusations in the English press

The Chilean attacker responded after an English morning that he had bet on José Mourinho's departure TVN


"This is Uncertain !!!". so Alexis Sánchez begins its announcement published on social networks to counter the English newspaper The sun as assured that the attacker had chosen the end of José Mourinho of Manchester United

"The mister brought me to the world's best team, and I only grate him. We are a truly united team. We are MANCHESTER UNITED. Respect. I can not see the time to help the team, we will move on together. Good luck tomorrow family! "

The sun claimed that Alexis's alleged bet would have been with Argentine Marcos Rojo and that after the end of the Portuguese coach he would have written in the group of the Manchester United team: "I told you all that requires your patience, Red, you owe me 20,000 pounds. (17 million Ca.) ".


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