Tuesday , December 1 2020

All the keys to More Kirby in the kingdom of the threads in four-minute gameplay spun with a lot of mime

With the Etrian Odyssey Nexus now available on Nintendo 3DS, The next major release for laptops is with dual display It puts us in early March. Although more than one novelty, it will be a reunion: the updated version and with extras from rebonico Kirby in the thread rich.

Originally released to the Wii in 2011, this adaptation – subtly renamed More Kirby in the threads of the thread – will give us the chance to discover Textilia, a realm where everything is made of woolincluding our pink heels. Mind you, Kirby will get some extra skills the convenience sea in the process.

Essentially, all phases are off Kirby in the thread rich Originals are back, including the ability to spin unpublished powers, more challenges, new minigames, where their classic enemies participate, and even the ability to personalize our protagonist's space.

A generous set of news that you can see in these four-minute games was spun with great care.

While Kirby's (and Yoshi's) platform titles offer a particularly fun aesthetic, the way Nintendo has spun the visual section by combining yarn, wool, nails and fabrics to create this world, is unique. which we must add especially singular transformations. Even within the Kirby series.

Of course, Nintendo has taken advantage of the inclusion in this new edition of compatibility with Amiibo: all the figures in the Kirby collection are compatible with More Kirby in the thread richso we can get articles and skills inspired by each character, such as the bombs of King Dedede or Meta Knight's sword.


More Kirby in the thread rich will be available from next March 8 in the Nintendo 3DS series of consoles. What can we expect for the great screens from Great N from here? Now his release plan is more or less empty, so we have to wait for Nintendo to celebrate the first one directly in 2019.


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