Wednesday , June 16 2021

Amelia's enthusiasm for the drawing of the South American

The coach from Antofagasta tackled his first year in Chilean football. "We want to put together a team that can meet the three tournaments," the Argentine said.

Sports Antofagasta will live a very special 2019. The northern team will play an international tournament for the first time in its history after the campaign in 2018 Scotiabank National Championship. For the first round of South American cup will face Fluminense of Brazil.

"He is a cup-winning opponent with a lot of history, he made semi-finals in this release (2018). It spans me and creates beautiful emotions to meet a rival of this importance, but I would like to emphasize that our attention is not only in an international tournament. We must try to avoid the tendency not to make the two tournaments compatible, so the same does not happen to us, "coach Gerardo Ameli said in a dialogue with La Tercera.

Under this parameter, Ameli added: "We will not neglect the cup, but when the time comes, we think about it." It would be a mistake to minimize it, it is something historic, perhaps over time it will take more dimension than the team could achieve. It's a pride to participate in it, the group that got it. "

The Argentine, also detailed the way they work for campus creation. "The club is talking to the players and the representatives we are trying to help with it and watching players, here and other markets, we will be able to build a more competitive team that adapts and can do more effectively what we did this season . We want to build a team with a little more volume of games, and it can counter the three tournaments with opportunities to improve"he assured.

Deportes Antofagasta faces the 2019 Scotiabank National Championship, the Chile MTS Cup and the South American Cup.

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