Thursday , January 28 2021

Ampuero's confusing statements

The chancellor arrived early today Roberto Ampuero to La Moneda. First, he met with the strategic committee under the leadership of the government spokesman, Cecilia Pérez, with whom they refined the communications decline to continue to benefit from La Moneda's decision not to comply with the United Nations Migration Pact. After the appointment, the two ministers crossed the presidential office Sebastián Piñera, with whom he met for about 40 minutes.

It was after the appointment that Ampuero appeared for the press, made statements that initially opened the question of whether the government will maintain the rejection of the proposal next week when the ratification of the document at the UN General Assembly will be voted. in New York.

"We had a meeting with the Strategic Committee in which we have seen various aspects related to foreign policy and also the issues that concern us today, among other things, in connection with the migration pact that Chile does not assign. also a conversation with the President of the Republic to see issues of international politics, "he pointed out to the Foreign Minister, who was immediately asked if Chile would ratify its rejection of the New York Pact.

"Here at the President of the Republic we have talked about the question we will make known, it will make its expertise known in the coming days and within the deadlines and, if relevant," said the chancellor who also doubted the government's assistance to assembly. "We must define this in the coming days, and it's a normal procedure that will soon be defined," he said.

With the doubts that were installed in the environment, the reporters asked Ampuero again if Chile finally was able to maintain its position not to sign the pact. However, the chancellor did not respond directly to the question and chose to criticize the opposition. "What's important here is the following: we look at the opposition's great concern about the decisions taken by the Chilean government on migration. This concern comes from supporters, sympathizers or members of a government that everyone will remember could not hold Migration in order. On the contrary, under the government, a chaotic situation developed migration. All Chileans remember that before President Piñera addressed immigration issues, we had 300,000 irregular immigrants in the country, "he said.

The press then asked the same again: Is Chile's decision not to comply with the covenant that is maintained? "Chile's decision is very clearly manifested, you saw it. We do not participate in the acclamation that was made," he said. "But is this attitude maintained for the UN Assembly?" Was the question. "We will make this attitude known to the president." "Chile's attitude was very clear by not participating in this acclamation held in Marrakech. And the president will publish our final decision in the coming days," he finally concluded.

Shortly after Ampuero's statements were known, reactions began immediately. The hardest one, once again, was former president Jose Antonio Kastel. "Again, confusing signals from the government. It's the drama of not hurting anyone. One day he says he rejects #PactoMigratorio, the next day he will sign it. How long with these weaknesses and confuses?" He said Twitter. "Chile must provide a clear signal against illegal immigration and reject interference by international organizations in our sovereignty. First, Chile and then the UN. If the chancellor does not see the same, he should seriously think about whether he is able to remain in office , "he added, pointing to the chancellor hard.

Minutes later, aware of the confusion generated by Ampuero's statements, the government acknowledged that the Foreign Minister's response was "unclear" and that he referred to Chile's assistance to the summit and not to the decision on the Pact. But so far, they have ruled out that there is a change in the position taken by Executive Executive in recent days.

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