Wednesday , December 2 2020

An approach? Alexis Sánchez's reaction to Mayte Rodríguez's photo on Instagram caused illusion | Social network

We warn that it is not something, so those who "suffered" to know they were separated were not deceived.

We tell you: Three days ago, Mayte Rodríguez shared a nice picture of his pet, Naomi, whom Alexis Sánchez shared when they were a couple.

Remember that soccer players love animals, especially dogs, and this is demonstrated by the love he expresses for his pets, Atom and Humber.

Back to the picture, it only shows Rodriguez's partner, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, in what appears to be a recording or photography.

Several famous faces "liked" the moment, among them Joaquín Méndez, Humberto Sichel, Cristian Campos and Pangal Andrade, but without a doubt the one standing out was the player.

Immediately followers in the comments followed that they had noticed their "like" and asked if there was an approach, but there was no answer.

What do you think?

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