Tuesday , November 24 2020

An asteroid in the form of a hippo and "extremely slow" approaches Earth

NASA obtained unique images of the 2003 SD220 asteroid, which this Saturday will pass close to Earth and has revealed that the celestial body is in the form of a hippo.

The asteroid will pass "close" to our planet, at a safe distance of 2.9 million kilometers, in what will be its closest approach to the earth for over 400 years.

Thanks to the radar images obtained by three gigantic NASA antennas installed in different parts of the United States, it was determined that this rocky body has an approximate length of 1.6 kilometers and a shape similar to that of a "hippo, a river, "seen from the air.

It was also shown that 2003 SD220 has an "extremely slow" rotation period of about 12 days on a complex axis of rotation. These new details will allow "better understanding of how these small bodies were formed and evolved over time," researchers at the US Space Agency said.

The asteroid was discovered in 2003 and was classified as potentially dangerous due to its size and predictable approach to our planet. The new data, however, reveals that it does not represent a threat to the earth, NASA has completed.

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