Sunday , November 29 2020

Antibiotics are not a cure for the cold

Antibiotics are not a cure for the cold

CITY OF MEXICO (Notimex) .- In winter, 95 percent of respiratory diseases do not require antibiotics because the diseases are generated by a virus that can only be treated with medication to calm the symptoms, says the doctor of Sedna Hospital, David Ducoing.

The doctor ensures that antibiotics, unlike popular beliefs, do not generate an effect on the symptoms of viral infections such as colds, flu, acute infectious rhinitis and throat throat.

"Antibiotics will not make you feel better, on the contrary, when an antibiotic is not necessary, it can lead to side effects like: rash, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea or even damage to the large intestine and serious allergies," he explains.

However, the otorhinolaryngologist specialists say that the main harmful effect is resistance to antibiotics that occur when bacteria create mechanisms to reduce the effectiveness of medication.

"The bacteria survive, continue to reproduce and cause damage, making the treatment more complicated and expensive."

Resistance to antibiotics, he adds, is considered one of the most pressing public health problems in the world.


To prevent any of the above conditions, the doctor says that proper diet and hydration, frequent wash, cover cough, rest at home, sickness and the vaccine against the flu are necessary. In case of requiring some kind of antibiotic, he emphasized the importance of going to a specialist.

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