Sunday , January 17 2021

Arrested for violent attacks on young people released: karabineros delayed moving them nationally

During Thursday, the vehicle was a young man, who was shot, beaten and abandoned in Puerto Montt.

In the car were Baleska Valle and Víctor Paredes, who they drove along the coastal road between Puerto Montt and Calbuco.

It was near the Huelmo intersection where Carabineros found the people and tried to pull the vehicle because they ran out of the battery Also the car was with patents of a mobile by Maullín.

The detained, according to the victims, are those who committed the crime but were arrested only at reception.

Cristobal, victim of theft, he was dissatisfied for the crime attributed to those detained.

The owner of the vehicle was hoping that the criminals stay behind bars.

The hearing should be held in the first court of law of the Garanties Court, but the detainees were not transferred to the time by Carabineros to check and formalize the investigation, which decided to His freedom is decided and a new date is scheduled for the hearing.

Prosecutor Narciso Garcia said all efforts were made to postpone hearing, but The referee did not accept.

The general in the tenth area of ​​Carabineros, Rodrigo Cadiz, confirmed the start of an investigation for the delay in the transfer.

The investigation would last 48 hours in a fact that was regretted by the police, adding that This is the first case of this category who next door addressed the institution of the Los Lagos region.

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