Thursday , December 3 2020

Arrhythmia is the cause of sudden death in older adults and athletes – Diario Digital Our Country

The reason for this was Dr. Óscar Bazán Rodríguez in a statement that this is the case for the elderly. "As age progresses, the heart registers a growth process that causes the heartbeat to fall".

While in football players, due to the effort required in their hearts, they can "disappear and die in a fulminating manner during a game," said the doctor assigned to the cardiology hospitalization service from the General Hospital of Mexico, Doctor Eduardo Liceaga.

The specialist explained that the normal heart rate in a person is 60 to 100 beats per day. Minute.

However, there are cases where the frequency is less than 60, called bradycardia or greater than 100, a situation known as tachycardia.

Both conditions, he said, are affecting the heart's electrical system caused by chronic degenerative diseases such as arterial hypertension.

The specialist noted that changes in palpitations may occur at any age, but in the pediatric population it is usually due to a congenital malformation, which in some cases can be corrected by surgery.

Bazán Rodríguez recalled that there is currently a wide variety of drugs that effectively alleviate this condition.

However, he recommended that people with chronic degenerative disease such as diabetes or kidney failure have sufficient control to avoid any condition.

Similarly, he proposed to perform electrophysiological studies as they can observe the heart's response to controlled electrical signals, allowing the origin to be determined and correcting the problem by avoiding open heart surgery. EFE

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