Friday , December 4 2020

Avocado seed extract has anti-inflammatory properties

Avocado is fashionable. No one escapes at this time We face a fruit whose boom in recent times is more than obviouswhich greatly increases demand and consumption thanks to the nutritional contribution and benefits it brings. his contained in vegetable oils rich in omega-3, minerals, vitamins, proteins or fibers make it a constituent of undeniable value for the care of the organism, which together with its taste and the possibilities of gastronomy as part of a healthy and balanced diet has made it an important food for many.

Although not exempt from controversy, recognized voices such as the Irish boiled J.P. McMahon with a Michelin star has condemned that cultivation of avocado is not sustainable, and the control that some mafias exert over their production creates violence in the countries of origin, in this case Chile, Colombia, Peru or Mexico, the main exporter of the world.

In fact, for the famous Irish chef, they don't stop being "blood diamonds in Mexicowhich has an important impact in terms of deforestation or violence in the areas where it grows. "A message that has penetrated several sectors and has caused not a few restaurants to withdraw this product from their letter.

Anti-inflammatory capacity

But while some pretend to cast shadows of doubt about avocado cultivation, Scientific work continues to find reasons for not burying this food. now, a group of experts from Pennsylvania State University (USA) have concluded that the extract of the avocado seed has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, a finding that represents a potential source of new compounds that can be developed as a functional food ingredient or even pharmaceutical product.

The results of the study, published in "Advances in Food Technology and Nutrition Sciences", are very relevant since cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, colitis and many other more serious conditions are associated with chronic inflammation and the avocado seed extract, which is currently wasted, could play a fundamental role.

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