Monday , November 30 2020

Aylin's Crime: The complainant expressed concern about the disappearance of a key witness

the Prosecutor Mauricio González He expressed his concern that a key testimony to Aylin Fuente's crime had disappeared, which on January 7 seemed deadly floating in the Claro River Talca, bound in hands and feet.

Gonzalez said Wednesday that "there is a key witness who gave an outline in the beginning, which was in the Senamen and who Since Friday is missing we are worried about it and the two refugees from justice".

The adults who are not placed by the police and by arrest warrants are those known in the criminal world as "Tuerto Fabián ", 24 years old, and "Chundo", out of 19, both united as leader and member, of a gang of drug dealers from the eastern sector of the city of Talca.

On this day, the four people who were arrested this Wednesday were formalized, identified by their nicknames: "Churri". "Jefferson". "Zafrada" and "Jana".

Exactly, the detained woman, now legal, was 17 years old when Aylin's crime occurred.

During the formalization, the public claimed that the detainees participated in Fuente's crime, a situation that was attentively listened to by Aylin's mother, who for a moment had to leave the room before the impact of history.

Judge Roberto García finally ordered preliminary admission for young people and total house arrest for women during the three months that the study will last.

Aylin's sister, Carolina González, stressed that the topics "are individualized, which is what we wanted, We already know what they were and how they did it, there are two people who are refugees and we hope they will be arrested soon. Justice is done, which is what we wanted. "

prosecutor Francisco Soto He said that "We asked for the temporary detention that was granted, leaving us alone on one side and we do not object to the investigation period for three months as determined by the magistrate. "

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