Tuesday , December 1 2020

Bird Box became a great source of memes: the best jokes that inspired the movie | TV and show

The 21 of December Netflix he premiered Bird Box, tape that marked the debut of Sandra Bullock on the streaming platform and it became an internet phenomenon.

According to the same company, the film was rendered in more than 45 million accounts in just a week and marked a record for the company.

The production tells the story of Malory (Bullock), a woman trying to survive with two children in a post-apocalyptic world threatened by invisible creatures that make people commit suicide when they look directly at them.

To stay alive, survivors must wear bandages on their eyes, protecting them from the powerful threatening force.

It is precisely this element that attracts the attention of users and inspired dozens of jokes and memes that are destroyed in social networks.

It is likely that you have driven into more than one, but then they showed you the post about Bird Box Fucked by Twitter.

"Did you get my message?"

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