Saturday , January 23 2021

Carabineros: resigned the general who replaced Franzani in order and security

the General Inspector José Rivera would also have withdrawn from Carabineros, the tenth since the matter broke out after the death of Camilo Catrillanca. Rivera would have given her resignation on Fridayon the same day as General Christian Franzani, National Director of Order and safety, which he temporarily replaced.

The information is displayed this Monday in The thirdthat's called it Rivera recognized himself in his immediate circle in Carabineros. "I go, I do not want my family to pick me up afterwards. I'm tired of everything"He told them.

the General Rivera was until Friday head of the Metropolitan Area. This is the man who is in charge of the police department in Santiago and the sixth in the command line. However, with departure from Franzani, General Rivera was the command of order and security meanwhile as a subrogation.

Rivera informed him of his decision to resign to the Director General on Friday at Carabinero Officers School, located in Providencia. However, General Soto asked him to postpone his departure to Wednesday so it did not take place before the interpellation of Minister Chadwick, on Tuesday in the Deputies' Chamber.

The sources of the institutions indicate that there may be more redundancies. On last Friday's meeting, General Soto told the generals to conduct an internal audit of their staff and to convey to middle managers that they would continue to work with institutional trust but if they wanted to take a step next to were they within their right to do so as long as it was Wednesday.

Of all Carabinero's top commanders, six are the general inspectors' position, that is, those who have more seniority in the institution. However, only five enter the machine to succeed the general director when he has completed his period or retires earlier.

With departure from Franzani, within the department, it is meant that Two could be the opportunity to occupy their position. One is it General Fernando Rivero, National Director of Support for operation, but I have to go down a step in the command line.

The other option is General Kurt Haarmman. Chief of Staffwho wanted the government's confidence, for in 2013 he served as an assistant to minister Chadwick in the first government of Sebastian Piñera.

However, there is some doubt about this option. One is that it was supposed to wait for that term and thus replace General Soto in three years, but the irregularity would force to raise it in the command line.

Upon departure of General Rivera, Haarmman returned to come into force, although its proximity to interior causes suspicion of carabinerosis, because they consider it closer to the political than the operative.

In the meantime, Various political sectors require changes to the structure of Carabineros. Former Interior Minister Jorge Burgos He said that "the first thing is to end the lie culture, be it to blame innocent or hide crimes. It's of inhumane gravity. Everything else is secondary."

Meanwhile, for the former secretary of Carabineros, the senator Felipe Harboe, a "deep internal restructuring is necessary, with a cross-check and remote control system." Changes in the formation and promotion system ".

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