Wednesday , October 27 2021

Carlos Menem and reunion with his son Máximo: "I told him I was waiting for him in Buenos Aires" | TV and Show


Today, the former president of Argentina Carlos Menem He returned to Las Condes Clinic to talk to his son for the first time Max Menem after the surgery he was subjected to yesterday because of a brain tumor.

"We talked long and told me I was waiting for him in Buenos Aires so I hope he goes. She's a wonderful creature, she loves her family a lot", commented exmandatario on the edge of the medical casing.

Asked if he crossed words with his ex-wife, Cecilia BoloccoMenem said, "His mother was obviously there … All circumstances are given so that when (Máximo) comes out he will be happy. The kids are all happy, but the children who are detained and come out well, double their happiness", Reflected the Argentine.

In the same line, he expressed his interest in strengthening ties with his youngest son, which he saw sporadically in 14 years. "Everything depends on it from time to time I go to Buenos Aires. When I come to Chile, I feel very happy. The truth is that I love Chile, and I'm not telling you because you're here."He told reporters.

"Chile has always been an exceptional place for me, do not forget I was almost a year here, practically confused … Now I'm in full freedom," he added.

As regards Máximo's recent visit to Buenos Aires, where he stated that his family had "closed the doors", Menem replied: "When he goes to Argentina, he always looks for me, so I will not close the door. He's my son", he said.

After his visit to Las Condes Clinic, where Máximo remains board school, Carlos Menem and his daughter Zulema moved to the airport to return to Argentina. It should be noted that the former president was able to travel to Santiago only after a legal permit because he is currently being investigated for alleged appeal of the attack on Mutual Union Israeli Argentina occurred in July 1994.

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