Monday , October 18 2021

Carlos Menem arrives at Chile through his son Máximo – international


Carlos Menem arrives at Chile to drive his son Máximo

The 15-year-old was subjected to extensive surgery on Thursday afternoon, which took place as a result of a brain tumor recently discovered. Tvn


the former president of Argentina, Carlos Saúl Menem, came to our country this Friday afternoon accompany his son Maximus, who were subjected to a surgery at the Las Condes Clinic.

Menem succeeded Get permission to travel to our country by Federal Criminal Court No. 2 because it is with national roots in Argentina. This because is in trial for any coverage in the attack against Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina in Buenos Aires (AMIA).

The former Trans-Andes president took on the way to Las Condes Clinic, a hospital there He performed surgery at Máximo on Thursday afternoon. It should be remembered the 15 year old he underwent the intervention given Recent discovery of a tumor in his brain.

Carlos Saúl Menem managed to get into our country even though it was in the middle of a legal process because he had permission of Argentinian justice question as clarified by investigation police (PDI) through an official statement.

the PDI also added that the humanitarian aspect of the previous president's visit to his son, as is currently interned at the health center in the eastern sector of the capital.

Before joining the plane of Chile, the former Argentinian president said he came to Chile to see how Máximo did. "I know they had it, it has a small tumor, according to the information we will be fine"said Menem's father.

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